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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dependable High-speed Internet anywhere in the USA

MotoSat satellite internet service was originally developed for the Oil and Gas Industry. Today MotoSat high-speed satellite connectivity customer base includes the news gathering industry, emergency response centers, educational and medical applications, entertainment, sports, and Recreational Vehicle enthusiast.

MotoSat DataStorm - which sits on a motorized mount - has achieved a high degree of popularity in a niche market, and has become the most popular choice among RVers, who require an automated solution to "anytime anywhere" satellite Internet service. As long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, and no heavy storms in the area; within minutes of the click of a mouse, the MotoSat D2 controller starts searching the sky for HughesNet satellite. Once the connection is locked in, you have reliable high-speed Internet access, plus superior HD TV connectivity anywhere in the USA.   

While high-speed satellite Internet service in an RV may be a luxury for some... reliable Internet anywhere anytime has become a basic necessity for many full time RVers, and mobile business owners, who need to stay connected 24/7. There are currently over 10,000 DataStorm units in service, and that number is expected to grow exponentially over coming years as the baby-boom generation retires.  

 Initial setup cost typically runs between $5250.00 - $5995.00, with the bulk of the purchase going to the DataStorm G74 Internet Satellite Dish. MSRP on the G74 is $4495.00. While the lowest online retail price I found is $4,795.00, I also found refurbished units listed on ebay for $3295.00 plus shipping.

A Hughes and MotoSat certified installer is required to install the system. Installation cost varies greatly with some mobile installers charging as little as $275, while larger companies - with more overhead - are charging as much as $900 for an install! This offers a great business opportunity for the motivated Full Time RVer...see "Money Making Opportunities for the Workamper" [linked]    

Once the equipment is installed; all you need is a satellite ISP (called a Value-Added-Resellers or VAR’s) to provide connectivity through HughesNet - typically runs $80 per month. An optional bracket AKA a "BOW (Bird-on-Wire)" will allow you to receive a high quality HD DirecTV or Dish Network signal on the same dish, as long as you are assigned to certain satellites... but for many using a separate (or existing in motion) satellite  may be prove easier and provide greater flexibility. You will also need a satellite TV receiver and a DirecTV or Dish Network with a service plan to receive satellite television normally $29.95 per month, or about the same as you would expect to pay for Broad Band Internet and HD TV in a fixed dwelling.    

HughesNet 7000 modem (left) Motosat D2 controller (lower right)

Connection speeds are comparable to DSL but vary - typically between 700kbps and 1000kbps downstream, with slower speeds during prime time. Upstream speeds are slower, ranging from 50-200kbps, although there are packages available which offer higher speeds at additional cost. The 22,000 mile connection creates a 1-3 second lag that some report feels slower than dial-up which may present a problem when trying to perform real time tasks in certain applications, so try before you buy!    
Linksys wireless networking modem (upper right)

DataStorm G74 Internet Satellite Deployment



Ground Control MMS - new Hughes 9202 BGAN Terminal may be ideal for remote, camping situations...

...but it seems that for now at least MotoSat DataStorm has the RV market pretty well covered.

Competitors including Winegard, AvL Technologies, iNetVu; can all be compared @ mobilsat.com

I receive no compensation for any advertisement, sale or service associated with MotoSat DataStorm, or HughesNet. 

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